Asociación de medicinas complementarias
Associació néixer i créixer

Australian Vaccination Network
AVN Lithgow
Blazing Tattles
British Anti-Vivisection Association
Citizens for Healthcare Freedom
Concerned Parents for Vaccine Safety
Dispelling Vaccination Myths
Dispelling Vaccination Myths
Do Vaccines Cause Cot Deaths? - Harris Coulter
Dr. Archie Kalokerinos
Dutch Pro-Choice Vaccination League
En buenas manos
Freedom of Choice in Healthcare Canada
French National League for Freedom in Vaccination
Global Vaccine Awareness League
Global Vaccine Awareness League (GVAL)
Health Hazards of Vaccines
Health World On Line
Hep B Vaccine Damage List
Immunisation Awareness Society (IAS)
Immunisation Policy
Infant Vaccination: A Biological Assault?
Informed Parents Vaccination Home Page
Inside Vaccines: a forum for parents from parents
International Advocates for Health Freedom (IAHF)
Leading Edge Vaccine Paradigm
Lethal Dangers of the Billion Dollar Vaccine Business
Libre Vacunación
Lois Hoffer's Vaccination Links
Missouri Citizens Coalition for Freedom in Health Care
National Vaccine Information   Centre (NVIC)
National Vaccine Information Center
Natural Immunity Information Network
Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education (PROVE)
Pennsylvania Parents for Vaccine Awareness
People Advocating Vaccine Education (PAVE)
Pesticides and Polio: Graphic documentation regarding epidemiology and physiology of polio.
Shaken Babies or Vaccine Damage?
Shoemaker & Horn
SIDS and Childhood Vaccines-Is There A Connection?
Tetrahedron's Resource Directory
The Law of Vaccination-Toward Radical Reform
The Preventorium
THINKTWICE Global Vaccine Institute
Vaccination Alternatives
Vaccination Awareness Network UK
Vaccination Information Service
Vaccination Information South Australia (VISA)
Vaccinations : The Facts!
Vaccine Information and Awareness
Vaccine Safety
Vaccines: Are They Really Safe?
VacciNetwork (Italian and English)
Well Within
What you don't know can hurt your children









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